Sobriety Story

I will always share my sobriety stories on my free Podcast CHIC Happens!
Puzzle Pieces are Hard
Nattie shares the hardest story she will ever share and Cousin Jane passes the tissues all the way from South Carolina. Nattie reveals the most intimate, raw, personal times that CHIC hit the fan, when her family held an intervention in her spiral toward rock bottom. If you are trying to stay sober too, we got you!! Sneak peek, Nattie had no idea that she was an alcoholic. Click here to listen
Staying Sober is Hard
Nattie and Cousin Jane explore Nattie's road to sobriety, staying sober and a few times CHIC hit the fan along the way. If you are trying to stay sober too, we got you!! This episode is filled with tips and tricks Nattie leans on daily. Click here to listen
Sober is the New Black
Bonus Episode! Instagram Struggle Video - Audio. Nattie shares about her road to sobriety. To watch the video head to @nataliereddell on Instagram and click on IGTV! Click here to listen