About Nattie

Natalie Reddell, also known as the ‘COMMANDER in CHIC®’, is an instagram staple in the beauty, hair and cooking world. Not exactly for her masterful abilities but instead for her hilarious struggle videos. Even the most complex hair contraptions will not deter her. This all started when Cousin Jane sent her crazy products to test out as a distraction after Nattie's husband was tragically diagnosed with parkinsons disease. Nattie is also a Mom to her son Sky and Scarlett O’Hara (her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

Together, they have launched a top ranked podcast called CHIC Happens and an exclusive version available on Patreon. CHIC Happens is a free podcast released once a week, full of stories when CHIC hit the fan in Nattie and Jane's life. Most importantly, Nattie shares her most vulnerable journey of alcoholism and sobriety. The Patreon version is $7.99 a month for 5 x 1hr episodes of super personal, exclusive content including the devastating day Jane survived a 7 car pile up with her children in the car, the time Nattie took her son's best friend on vacation and he died and much more. 

Natalie started her career as an interior designer who has earned a reputation for a passionate approach to creating elegant interiors that feature layered styles, textures, colors and patterns.  

Now only working with private clients, Natalie specializes in luxury residential interiors, translating her love of travel, fashion and art into vibrant, tailored spaces that reflect the personalities of the people that reside in them. Over the two decades, Natalie has designed homes nationally and internationally, including modern beachfront properties, classic mountain retreats, updated-traditional farm estates, eclectic city apartments and warm, inviting family-friendly homes. Natalie's strength lies in her ability to pair classic style with custom details and functionality tailored to each client.   

A well known influencer in the lifestyle space, Natalie Reddell, along with her trusty sidekick, The Golden Hashtag, inspire a loyal band of followers with her authentic and welcoming images and live videos. Her approach to creating a joyful and beauty-filled life covers everything from interior design, entertaining, styling tips, beauty ‘lessons’, cooking and recipe sharing, travel, fashion and more. Her advice is delightfully refreshing and fun as she includes tips from her own home design, client projects and the trial and error of experimenting with new hair and beauty products.

As a style expert, the COMMANDER in CHIC® is regularly sought out as a trendspotter and panel participant at design markets and social media conferences across the United States. She covers new product and design trends and shares her knowledge and expertise about navigating the world of social media. Natalie's work has been featured in several publications including Sotheby’s ResideBarron’s PentaHome Accents Today, Mansion Global, and Designers Today among many others. She has appeared as a contributor on CBS-WTVR Virginia This Morning and has been profiled on numerous podcasts including the Chaise Lounge. Natalie earned her Interior Design degree from Florida State University and went on to study the History of Architecture and Interiors at Parsons University in Paris, France.