Nattieisms Dictionary

A glossary of terms that may not align with the Webster Dictionary, but don't you worry, we've got this!




Hashtag everything, because when you say hashtag before any phrase credibility is immediately given to what follows.

All The Things

Used to express over-eager or widespread, non-specific desire or action to do or have many, if not all, of a certain thing or action.

Bend & Snap

Elle Woods has nothing on us. This phrase is used when referring to the technique required for a hair contraption to achieve the perfect outcome. It is also a timer, you hold the contraption for the time it takes to say “bend” and let go as you say “snap”. This is an advanced phrase that should not be used without proper preparation and practice.


See you later, love you, we don’t want to say goodbye but we are.

CHIC hit the fan

A replacement word for an impolite expression when everything goes wrong all at once.

Commander in CHIC

Nattie! Nattie is the Commander of all things CHIC, glamorous, beautiful, fabulous and gold.

Don’t You Worry

When you should absolutely start to worry. We are creating a false sense of calmness, pretending we have everything under control, again leaning on the coping strategy, denial.

Everyone Remain Calm

A phrase inspired by the commonly used phrase in the NBC comedy show “The Office” where they say “Everybody Stay Calm” which we say at the height of stress full well knowing it will not result in any reduction of stress whatsoever.

First rule of the tampon club, no one talk about the tampon club

If you know, you know.

Glitter Is Life

Ummm, is this not clear? Glitter, the shiny, gold, tiny pieces of light-reflecting material is the best thing to ever be invented. Except for when our perfectionism kicks in and we have to clean it up. Then it is death. But life first.

Golden Hashtag

Nattie’s very own, thrift-store bought, bedazzled, golden piece of wood in the shape of a hashtag that travels the globe.

Golden Lady Parts

When Nattie goes through security in almost any airport globally, the area between her legs above her thighs and below her belly button lights up in bright yellow like a Christmas Tree on the monitor. She is asked to step aside and promptly examined physically in places she didn’t know existed. We don’t do bright yellow, it’s called gold.


Infused with panic and exaggeration, things have taken a turn for the worse very quickly and Nattie needs help.

Hold Please

Inevitably we forget things physically or mentally and need a moment to grab them or remember, whilst this occurs we say, ‘hold please’.

Holy Guacamole

An exclamation of excitement when the outcome is beyond the use of regular words.


In a live Instagram when Nattie is the actual master in the struggle video and teaches us something that is usually obvious to the rest of society, she reminds us that we are in homeschool.


We are addicted to botox. Botox Hos.


Nattie is permanently dehydrated and so the CHIC Community reminds her to hydrate regularly. Does that mean with rehydration liquids such as water? No, it could also be with dehydrating diet coke.

I am Cleopatra

Nattie is Queen of de-nile!

I don’t hate that

Nattie loves that and she didn’t think she would.

I Love Us

When Nattie takes a moment to enjoy the CHIC Community of amazing women and a few men and how amazing we are. Often exclaimed after our community helps Nattie remember or figure something out.

I’m getting sweaty

It’s way too hot in here and we need to get the box fan from the attic immediately.

Instagram University

We learn more from one another in our Instagram CHIC Community than we did in University.

Instructions Are For Cowards

We don’t believe in instructions, they are a legalistic book of nonsense for people lacking common sense.

Is It Cute?

We’re not 100% sure but we think it is cute. Most often used when referring to a curl made from a contraption manufactured for another purpose.

It Takes A Village

Colloquially known as an African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. The CHIC Community is Nattie’s village and every person contributes to our success.

It’s Magical

Beyond our comprehension of what was possible in the realm of everyday life. A supernatural state of mystic.

It's so easy a Nattie can do it Some things in life are harder than others, if your benchmark means Natalie can achieve it, you can too!

Jake is in the Driveway

Jake Ryan is Nattie’s high school crush, star of Sixteen Candles. When we are looking really cute we know that telepathically Jake was alerted and is waiting for us in the driveway.

Jesus Take The Wheel

Divine intervention is required. When things go awry. When you can no longer take what's happening around you so you ask for the higher power, Jesus, to take over and take the wheel.

K Bye!

All of a sudden Nattie can hit a wall and is done.

Klassy Classy with a K, well-intended sophistication that misses the mark.

Love you, mean it

LYMI - because we are up with the lingo, or is it down?

Mother of Pearl

An alternative to an unfavorable phrase.

Mother Scrubber

An alternative to an unfavorable phrase.

My hump, my hump

When we are curling our hair and an uninvited hump in the wrong location appears.

Nailed it

On point, got it right, perfection.


The Nattie version of Netflix, watching Nattie on Instagram Live was dubbed Natflix by our amazing CHIC Community.

Nattie Economics

Where we buy so many things on sale that we save so much money that we make money.

No ma’am Pam

No. Absolutely not. Not a chance. Think again.

Not the Boss of Us When we are determined to claw back control of a situation that has quickly spiraled out of our control.

Oh, Snap

Oh, wow, amazing, no you didn’t, stop it, incredible.

On Fuego

On fire, sexy, amazing.


The color pink but a really pretty pink.

Put Your Thang Down, Flip It & Reverse It

A saying created by our CHIC Community on Instagram. This is what you should do when you finish your hair and something is not quite right.

Ready, Set, Go What we say to prolong, avoid and stall actually go-ing!

Separation Anxiety

The anxiety when our trashy mascara causes our eyelashes to touch each other, this is unacceptable and they must be separated.

Shut the front door

No way! Expressing disbelief using appropriate language.

Struggle Videos

Instagram Lives videos found at @nataliereddell where Nattie tries crazy contraptions Cousin Jane sends her and is not always the master but instead, the student.

That’s What She Said

A phrase commonly used in the NBC comedy show “The Office” by the character Michael Scott. It basically turns any normal term into a sexual joke by saying “that’s what she said” “Why did you get it so big?” “Aye that’s what she said” -The Office episode 10 of season 2, Christmas Party

The Mascara Project

Once upon a time, Nattie had a blog where she compared many, many, many mascaras resulting in the mascara project. That project is not complete and will live on in the trifle bowl for years to come. Finding the perfect mascara that is just trashy and classy enough, all at the same time is very difficult.

The Spoiler

You get the 1st parking spot at a shop or mall. It’s your good luck charm for an amazing shopping trip, you hit the motherload and all your retail dreams will come true.

Trifle Bowl

Always missing from Nattie’s kitchen, it is full of mascara options are that most likely expired but necessary to keep in our never-ending quest to find the perfect mascara. See also: The Mascara Project.

Wait, Wait, Wait...

Commonly referred to as an AHA moment by Oprah, this is when things suddenly click and Nattie has a revelation.

We Got This

We can do it, it will be okay. Right? Right. Right?

We Got You

We are in it with you, whatever you are going through, you are not alone and we have you.

We’re Gonna Look 12, y’all

We accept ourselves for who we are whilst at the same time striving to find the fountain of youth. More specifically, looking 12 years old.


An inclusive southern expression contracting the words you and all.

Y’all know I love a theme

If there is an occasion, Nattie will go all out. Start with a color, holiday, sporting match, birthday, you name it, there are streamers, headbands, cake, confetti, ALL THE THINGS to match the theme.

You Can’t Save Everybody

We try to help fix all the things but it is not humanly possible to do it. Eg. the lighting in hospital waiting rooms.