Sober Sisters

We are the CHIC Community, from instagram, the grocery store or next door. We come together to celebrate the ups and downs, when CHIC hits the fan and when all the fabulous things happen. One special sorority in our CHIC Community is our Sober Sisters. This is where we celebrate you!! If you are a Sober Sister and want to be featured please email with whatever you want to share, your story, a photo, your name, or just the date you got sober. If it's minutes, hours, days, weeks or years, you matter. You are worth celebrating!! If you would rather not share, guess what, you are still our Sober Sister and we've got this together!!!! 

Natalie Reddell

"It's a big deal, Mama.” My son, Schuyler, always reminds me how important my sobriety is. He reminds me that getting my A.A. chip is a big deal & that sharing our story of recovery is so important because it can help others with their struggles against addiction.

My recovery is the thing in my life for which I am most proud, but the fact that Sky is proud of me is EVERYTHING.

Aimee Pellitteri

I believe in second chances because Recovery has given me a second chance at life, one that has been way better than then the first!
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” 
- Zen Proverb

Stacie Holloway

My sobriety is my proudest accomplishment. I was 25 when I decided that maybe I had a problem not only with alcohol but with drugs.  While most of my friends could go out and have one or two drinks I had many many more and could be gone on a bender for days. My first 12 step meeting was a CA meeting and since then I have attended meeting of all kinds all over the world.  My family was my motivation in the beginning and now it’s all for me.  While most people say they “can’t imagine going back” I say “I can imagine it but it’s not pretty”.  I’ve been sober for more years than not and that’s a huge thing I celebrate everyday.  Be humble, be grateful and be sober. #soberisthenewblack

Debbie Matthews

Sobriety literally saved my life and my marriage!

Jolene Dyce


Liberti Horner

My daughter is a huge part of why I am motivated to stay clean everyday, I am a small town girl, but also I grew up in the hood where most everybody's neighbor was on drugs, my mom was an alcoholic and a crack cocaine user. I grew up watching her smoke drugs, & get so drunk to the point where she was blacked out mostly a lot it was either blacked out drunk, or high on crack. She wasn't there most my whole life my grandmother raised me, she also died 7 years ago from cancer, that's when I went downhill I was a heroin addict for almost 3 years. Then I also have a son who is 4 now I was a heroin addict being pregnant with my son and after my son, then me and my kids father broke up after a co dependent relationship and I went to rehab and got clean.

Nicole Vaterlaus

I’m a single mom of the most amazing 15yr old daughter, Jade. She is the reason I changed my life for the better 5yrs ago, & she is my courage daily to fight for my sobriety. Thank you my sweetest Baby Llama for being my hope, strength & truest joy. I love you today, tomorrow & always!

Mary Brasher

Removing alcohol from my life has been the best decision I have ever made.  It has given me an incredible sense of freedom.  I love that I never HAVE to drink ever again!!

Chrissy F

By the grace of God, I have not had a drink since August 25th, 2011! I also love that I don't ever have to drink again if I don't want to! I first got sober 3 months after I turned 21 back in 1990. I stayed sober being very involved in young people activities in AA, camping, conferences, and dances. I stayed sober for 13 years. Then I got a job, and in short, those meetings became much more important than my AA meetings. I slowly got away from the program and having a sponsor... well low and behold... whattaya know, I picked up a drink! I wasn't off to the races right away, it took me a while to get right back to where I was and then some! I was out for research and development (hahaha) for 8 years! Came back when I was double 21! I haven't had a drink since.
Bobbie O'Leary
See these precious faces? My family and grandchildren gave me courage to not only get sober but daily remind me of one of the most important reasons to stay sober. The journey has not always been easy, but every moment it’s been worth it.